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This collection of fourteen essays by Charles Dodd White—praised by Silas House as “one of the best prose stylists of Appalachian literature”—explores the boundaries of family, loss, masculinity, and place. Contemplating the suicides of his father, uncle, and son, White meditates on what it means to continue on when seemingly everything worth living for is lost. What he discovers is an intimate connection to the natural world, a renewed impulse to understand his troubled family history, and a devotion to following the clues that point to the possibility of a whole life. 


Avoiding easy sentiment and cliché, White’s transformative language drives toward renewal. A Year without Months introduces lively and memorable characters, as the author draws on a wide range of emotions to analyze everything, including himself.


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Reeling from his memories from the battlefields of Europe in World War I, Marine Corps Sergeant Hiram Tobit returns to the remote Appalachian mountains of his youth to recruit a new generation of woodsmen to serve the nation’s armed forces. His native country, however, is fraught with memories of a dead brother, a drunken father, and a mother dead by her own hand. Still, there is grace to be found in the insular mountain community, and when Hiram meets a young single mother and a daughter who is every bit the child of nature, he sees a chance to generate a new kind of family pointing toward the promise of peace. A sudden bloody act of madness ruptures this hope, however, and the small town comes together to seek justice. Hiram and his estranged father Sloane ride out to find the murderer and bring him back to stand trial. The father and son’s journey through the wilderness calls up ghosts of the past, so that each man must come to terms with his own guilt in a world searching for innocence. Both mythic and immediate, Lambs of Men explores the cost of duty and sacrifice and the ultimate desire for lasting redemption.


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